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Dream a little Dreaming Tree – Wine Review

This is one of my absolute favourite wines.

I love love love red wine; the whole romance and ceremony of opening a new bottle, choosing a glass, waiting for a moment and then pouring…this is a thing of beauty and makes me happy.

What about letting the wine breathe?  I hold my breath until that first sip so I can’t spend too much time messing about, if you want to look up the ‘rules/myths’ just use our old friend Google, but pour a glass first, there are a lot of opinions out there.

I’m not an expert, or a wine snob, I used to bitch about screw-tops changing the feeling of opening and pouring but I’ve changed my mind. As long as you think about what you are doing it’s going to be beautiful.

I could quote from the website about tannins and fruity notes, “16 months of oak aging” and “highly concentrated flavours”…all you really need to know is this wine is BLOODY GOOD and you should try it.

Some advice, Superstore (in Alberta) has it on for 11.99 all the time….never ever buy it at a ‘regular’ liquor store (18.99 CAD)

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