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The Expats – Chris Pavone

I recently finished this clever little number by Chris Pavone. Set in Europe, mainly in Luxembourg, it’s fast paced and really enjoyable.

Although the story is complex it’s not peppered with too many characters which can sometimes get confusing. The main actors in this novel are strongly defined and easy to see….if not easy to know.

Kate Moore will be your primary guide through the story; she is strong, intelligent, dangerous and committed to her family. Every decision she makes is wrapped up in the potential impacts to her husband and two children.

The only criticism I have is of the authors often used technique of naming the specific streets and landmarks the characters use to navigate via car or foot. To me it was a little distracting.

Other than that, a fine read and I’ll definitely be checking out Mr. Pavones’ other two books, The Accident and The Traveller.

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