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13 Days Later

This is day 13 since being told I no longer had a job and I’ve started writing on a calendar all the things I’m doing each day because the time passes so quickly. I’m also wondering how I managed working…how was there time to tidy, to do errands, hang out with friends, explore my creative side? Oh wait…THERE WASN’T ANY TIME!

But now my friends, I have 10 extra hours a day to do all the things I was putting off. One of those things is to start putting to use the many craft supplies I’ve accumulated over the years. Of course I needed just a few more things to get started.

Which meant I had to go to Michaels, do you know this store? It’s dangerous, everything is shiny, and pretty and makes you feel like you have so much potential as an artist, a jewelry maker, a scrapbooker. I browse, smiling and feeling comforted by all the lovely ‘stuff’, everything’s on sale; 60% off, 50% off, 2 for 1. The basket is getting full, but that’s cool, it’s so inexpensive. Time to pay, holy doodle, what just happened? I know you’ve had this feeling, should I put some stuff back? But what? Those beads are perfect for the seashell wind chimes I’m planning,  the Mexico holiday scrapbook NEEDS this paper, the Christmas ornament is only 3.99 on sale from 4.99.

Sigh, just keep it, everything will come in handy one day. Now, let’s get to work on that seashell wind chime.










3 comments on “13 Days Later

  1. floatinggold says:

    I’d like to see the final product. Won’t the shells break if the wind starts banging them together furiously?


    1. mydaisydaze says:

      OMG I hope not, I’ve only done one so far and it took forever, I would hate it to break in the first wind lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. mydaisydaze says:

    once I have a few done I’ll post a couple of pictures.


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