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I Feel Great!

Yesterday was fabulous. It felt like the ‘real’ start of the year, probably because it was the first Monday and everything was ‘back to normal’.

The day kicked-off with a lovely pup walk, the sun was shining, the snow was crisp, the pup was 90% well behaved and we made a new friend who happens to live around the corner.  Then coffee, freshly brewed while we were walking (I was so organized I actually set it up before we left).

Speaking of organized, if I was to make a resolution this year it would be to BE MORE ORGANIZED! I used to be quite organized…lists and plans, schedules and goals – these things make me happy, I feel productive,  and yet it’s so easy to let the chaos reign.

This post was intended to be a blathering of how wonderful yesterday was, definitely not a post saying ‘let’s all make small lifestyle changes in order to be our best selves’ (no offence to those posts, they often inspire me)…but….why not find the healthy thing that helps us say I Feel Great and plan to include that in our day to day activities more often?

Why not?

I’m going to do it.

I’m going to do it so that tonight, and tomorrow and so on and so on… I can say the same thing, I Feel Great!

It would be awesome to hear about your healthy “I Feel Great” thing, send me a comment, perhaps you’ll inspire someone else.

Happy 2020!


4 comments on “I Feel Great!

  1. ruthsoaper says:

    Definitely walks with the pups make me feel great. I too could stand to be more organized though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mydaisydaze says:

      I’m going back to my lists and schedules. It’s much more relaxing to have things written down…and ticked off.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. floatinggold says:

    What a breathtaking photo!

    I feel like I like lists, but I also hate being that structured, so I go back and forth on those. There are times when it just gets crazy busy (like now), and I HAVE TO make written plans.

    Today I felt great because I got to drive across town with minimal traffic since I was not at work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mydaisydaze says:

      Thank you. Yes that’s always a treat, driving through town while everyone else is at work and the roads are so quiet.

      Liked by 1 person

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