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Left foot…right foot, triple V step

This morning I went to the gym, to a step class.  It starts simple: step up, down…step wide (that’s the V step), step on the corner, lift your knee, step on the other corner, lift your knee three times, then V, then Ham, then V, then triple knee, triple V, double Ham…corner to corner across the bench. I’ve got this…nice rhythm, feeling strong, capable…uh oh…what the hell is a rhumba? which direction? why I am backwards…okay regroup….step, step, step..back to the triple knee…whew…oh no, she is doing the Rhumba again…how can I fake this so I keep facing the same way as the rest of the group?

Is this a metaphor for life? Stepping in the wrong direction, doing a ‘V step’ when everyone else is doing a Rhumba, or does everyone have moments of faking? If I look closely will other feet also be moving in the wrong direction, or kinda shuffling just to keep a sense of motion?

Does it matter? If we’re all grooving, swinging our arms to the beat, keeping those feet moving and feeling our hearts pump then who cares if one person faces left, someone is facing forward, three people happen to be two steps behind and the rest of us are red faced, sweaty and completely confused but still feeling proud that at least we tried!

And… during the warm up, we were totally in sync. 

My advice – just enjoy moving.


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8 comments on “Left foot…right foot, triple V step

  1. This reminded me of the movie Best In Show. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. The scene about having two left feet is hilarious. 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mydaisydaze says:

      I will check it out. Hey where is the Follow button on your site, I’d like to keep looking at your photos.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha! You should. Very funny movie. As for my follow button, I don’t really know. I rarely look at my own site after posting. I assume it pops up at the bottom as you scroll down, or on my comments or likes you should be able to follow from there. 😃


      2. mydaisydaze says:

        Okay I found it in the comment you sent to me. Cool. Thanks. And nice to meet you too.

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      3. Good deal. I look forward to seeing you around. 😊😊


  2. floatinggold says:

    No wonder you were confused. Looks like you were wearing 2 left shoes!
    You lost me after “step up, down”…

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  3. Theresa Ashworth says:

    This one really struck a chord with me. That moment that you think wow look at me only to look one direction and realize you are the only one looking that way and everyone else is looking back at you. Talk about marching to the beat of your own drum. It is nice to know that I am not the only one though. I will take your advice and keep moving! I will also remember to laugh as I think you probably did and just enjoy the dance.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mydaisydaze says:

      Thanks Theresa, and yes, all we can do is laugh and keep going. Hugs.


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