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Fall Slowly

There is snow, coating the grass, the trees,

the garden furniture.

I wasn’t emotionally ready….

to be surrounded by brilliant white sparkles, to feel my breath catch in my chest, to clean ice-balls from puppy paws.

But today I felt myself fall,

slowly into the beauty of winter,

traipsing through a crisp bright world, feeling my boots sink into the softness.

Watching the breeze gently sweep snow from the Evergreen branches,

across the blue sky, glittering in the sun.

How very blessed we are, to have this moment, if we choose.


One comment on “Fall Slowly

  1. I think many of us are never really prepared for winter.
    I like it when it snows lightly and the sky is cloudless and sunny. You can definitely enjoy the day then. However, when the sky is grey, and there is 3ft of snow… not so much.
    Great photo and the finishing line about choosing to enjoy the moment.


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