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My stuff is on TV!

Have you ever seen your stuff on TV, or in a Movie?

Does it feel kinda surreal?

The TV show ‘Man with a Plan’ (2016) has a coat rack on the wall in the kitchen, three metal flowers each with a hook. It’s also hanging in my bathroom, purchased at Pier One over 10 years ago.

In episode 4 of Dark/Web (2019) (Prime), there’s a green ceramic vase, the same one I recently stored away for the winter with our patio furniture. Coincidentally it was also bought from Pier One.

It gets freakier, in a recent episode of The Neighbourhood there’s the same vase in Calvin’s kitchen. What are the odds that you’d see the same item in two completely different shows?

Many years ago we had dishes that were a medium blue with a darker effect around the edges. One of those exact cereal/soup bowls was on the living room table in Season 3 of Hudson and Rex (2019).

According to Art Departmental, set decorators “carefully decipher the psychology and tastes of the characters” when choosing items that will work for the plot and character, these are not impromptu decisions.  So, does this mean I have the same character traits and psychological makeup of Andy from Man with a Plan, Hudson or maybe even Rex, or a dead woman in Dark/Web?

Not sure how I feel about any of that.

With the exception of the coat rack, which I’ve been seeing since 2019, the other sightings were all in the last 4 weeks, so now my attention is focused on the background and decor of every show I watch; will I see another vase? how about a red toaster? could that be my Ikea lamp?

I’m still haven’t decided if my taste has been validated or if I should take those items to the nearest charity shop. The fact that, for the most part, I enjoy the shows probably plays a part in my decision to just leave everything where it is. For now.

If you haven’t already, start watching for your stuff.

6 comments on “My stuff is on TV!

    1. mydaisydaze says:

      Have you ever seen your stuff on a show?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Relax... says:

        I might’ve seen others’ — not mine, but twice now I’ve seen the Wayfair’s barrel chairs I’m trying to talk myself into getting, lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. mydaisydaze says:

        Its a sign, you should get them. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Wow. That is quite cool!
    I have a vague memory that I once saw something of mine in a movie/show. However, I cannot remember what it was. Other than that, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything of mine. I don’t really have a ‘popular’ taste, I guess.


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